Sensei Joe Shomen
Uchi Deshi Dojosei Program


Dojosei Immersive Aikido Courses

Immerse yourself in Aikido


Gain insight in the inner workings of running and maintaining a dojo


Attend all classes including after-class training


With access to shared kitchen, laundry and showers


This is best suited to practitioners of Yoshinkan style of Aikido.

As a dojosei or uchideshi, you are required to attend every class, including after-class training and completing duties to contribute to the upkeep of the Dojo.

The life of a dojsoei and uchideshi can be difficult physically and mentally but the efforts that a student puts in will be matched with equal reward. This is a traditional Japanese system where the student is given great opportunity to learn the budo by immersing themselves in an environment which fosters this learning.

The Dojo has several sleeping quarters where students can stay for a period of time. It also has all the facilities you need such as a kitchen, laundry and showers, and you will be sharing the stay with the teacher, providing you a greater opportunity for learning.

Sotodeshi - A Balance

Our uchideshi / live-in program is not for everyone. As a Sotodeshi you can continue to excel in your Aikido and live outside of the dojo


To participate you will need to commit to a certain number of classes per week, assist in childrens classes and complete some duties around the dojo.

As a sotodeshi, you must be able to

– arrive at least 30 minutes before class starts,

– remain training on the mats until all instructors have left, remain in dogi until change permitted and

– assist with basic dojo upkeep as requested.

There are two streams each with different levels of commitment.

Stream A

Stream B

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