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Journey of a lifetime

“We’re on the same path, however our journey is different”


Aikido is a lifetime practice. Carrying an aikido practice with you throughout your life brings not only physical and mental fitness, but also a powerful sense of calm strength.


You’ll move through life with grace and power and will equip yourself with tools you can apply to both the small and large challenges of life. You’ll connect and interact with people in a positive and meaningful way

Our instructors

Aikido Shudokan has world-class male and female senior instructors, each with a vast amount of experience behind them.


Most of your time at the dojo will be spent in group classes.

The focus of the class will then turn to the practice of aikido techniques — throws, escapes, joint locks and pins. You’ll practice collaboratively with fellow students of varying levels.

Over the course of an adult class you may practice with a 40-year-old newcomer, a teenager approaching black belt level, or a 60-year-old master instructor. You’ll connect with people in a novel, engaging, and positive way as you learn the art of aikido and experience its principles and application.

rank testing

As your aikido develops, you’ll have the opportunity to check your skills and understanding through rank testing. You’ll start as an unranked white belt, progress through the kyu ranks and then graduate from the kyu ranks when you pass your black belt test and become a Shodan (entering the dan ranks).

The process of preparing for tests through a guided and focused mentorship with advanced practitioners provides a unique and transformational learning experience.

The journey of testing will make you a stronger person in a way that can positively shape your life off the mat.


Attending workshops, seminars, and events is an integral part of the aikido experience. The aikido community is global and every weekend hundreds of events are held around the world. Weekend seminars offer intensive training opportunities for beginners and advanced, alike.

Practitioners from different schools, styles, and backgrounds come together to learn from a master teacher, forge friendships, and travel to new places. Many lifelong friendships around the globe are made at aikido seminars.

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