Enrica Cheung Sensei

5th Dan Aikido

Enrica Cheung Sensei began training in Aikido at Aikido Shudokan in Melbourne in March 2004 and tested for 1st Dan in December 2005. She became a full-time uchi deshi the following month and stayed on full-time in this position until February 2008, after which the position became part-time. In March 2012, she was tested to 4th Dan and in April 2017, she was tested to 5th Dan, having had the honour of both ranks tested by Inoue Kyoichi Kancho, 10th Dan.

She has taught self-defence for women and high school students at various schools around Melbourne, including Xavier College, Simonds College and Monash University, and has assisted Joe Thambu Shihan at international seminars in the UK, Europe and Malaysia, as well as corporate training events locally.

She currently teaches adults at the Heidelberg dojo in Melbourne.

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