Adult Test Results – 26th February 2022

Congratulations to all the students from Heidelberg Dojo and Springvale Dojo who graded on 26th of February 2022. The following students have been promoted: 

Heidelberg Dojo 

8th Kyu 

  • Elias Daskarolis 

6th Kyu

  • Bernard Lim
  • Eva Lee
  • Michael Wallace
  • Peter Bogdanis

5th Kyu

  • Sid Whittle
  • Adrian Filardo*
Tested by: 
Joe Thambu Sensei 
Sagee Zaga Sensei 
Springvale Dojo
5th Kyu
  • Georgi Demosthenous


Tested by: 
Joe Thambu Sensei 

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