Uchideshi/Dojosei Program

It's very easy to enrol with us.

Aikido Shudokan offers Aikido practitioners who practice the Yoshinkan style of Aikido the chance to further their knowledge of Aikido by living in the dojo. As a dojosei or uchideshi, you are required to attend every class, including after-class training, in addition to completing duties to contribute to the upkeep of the dojo. The life of a dojosei and uchideshi can be difficult physically and mentally but the efforts that a student puts in will be matched with equal reward. This is a traditional Japanese system where the student is given a great opportunity to learn the budo by immersing themselves in an environment which fosters this learning.

The dojo has several sleeping quarters where students can stay for a period of time. It also has all the facilities you need such as a kitchen, a laundry and showers, and you will be sharing the stay with the teacher, providing you with a greater opportunity for learning.

For any expression of interest, please contact us.

Past dojosei have written about their experiences: