Two-Week Trial

Aikido Shudokan was the first Yoshinkan style dojo in Australia;

founded by Joe Thambu Shihan in 1980, and has schools in
Heidelberg West, Springvale, Williamstown and Albury,
teaching men, women and children.


ENQUIRIES PHONE : (03) 9440 7028

Become Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit


Training in a Tried and Tested Traditional Martial Art - Aikido

Established for over 35 years, learn from the premier Aikido school in Australia.


Have you ever wanted to give martial arts a go? Do you want to have a way of getting fit whilst learning useful skills such as discipline, focus and self-defence?

Aikido Shudokan has been established since 1980 and was one of the first full-time martial arts schools in Australia. It is headed by Joe Thambu Shihan, 8th Dan, who is sought out to teach nationally and internationally and both he and the school have very well-respected reputation. We offer world-class instruction from passionate instructors who deeply care about developing students to their full potential and keeping the integrity of this art.

What you get from learning Aikido with us:

  1. You will become fitter and stronger, so you can have more energy and do more of what you love in your day.
  2. You will develop more confidence within yourself, with others and with the environment around you so you experience more ease in your life.
  3. Your focus and discipline levels will improve to help you achieve the goals that you want.
  4. You will learn an invaluable life-saving skill that can protect yourself and your loved ones.
  5. You will gain new friends by being a part of a friendly and supportive community of like-minded people.

 What you get in the Two-Week Trial:

  1. Unlimited classes (up to 13 classes a week to choose from)
  2. Classes tailored to your own level
  3. No set start date - begin your trial on a day that suits you
  4. Pay only $60 - no extra costs involved

If you ever wanted to try Aikido or martial arts, this would be the place to do it. To get a good feel for it, enrol in a two-week trial. For further information or to book in, please give us a call on 03 9440 7028 or enter your details below and we will get back to you soon.

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  • Telephone:

    (03) 9440 7028
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