Fulori Smith Sensei

4th Dan Aikido
Brief info

Fulori Smith began training in 2002 at the age of 11. In 2008 she was awarded the rank of Shodan. When she finished high school she began teaching children’s classes at the Oakleigh dojo. She has since gone on to become the co-ordinator of the children’s program at Aikido Shudokan.

Her work as an integration aide at a primary school and her interest in education has greatly supported her work with children at the Shudokan. Fulori has also been involved in teaching self defence and Aikido in secondary schools across Melbourne.

In 2010 Fulori was awarded the rank of Nidan.

In 2011 Fulori spent a semester studying overseas in Malaysia, and while there instructed at the Monash Sunway Aikido Shudokan Club, and took both adults and childrens classes at the Kuala Lumpor and Seremban dojo. She has also assisted Joe Thambu Shihan on his overseas teaching trips in both Malaysia and Indonesia, and interstate in Australia.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy & International Studies) Fulori has decided to dedicate herself to full time Aikido training. In this time she hopes to improve both her technique and teaching skills while sharing her passion for the art with her students and fellow Aikidoka.

In 2013 Fulori was awarded the rank of Sandan and awarded the rank of Yondan in 2017 by Inoue Kyoichi Kancho, 10th Dan.

Fulori Sensai teaching photograph