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Congratulations to all the students from the Heidelberg dojo and Mulgrave Dojo who graded on 25th of March 2023.8th KyuJoshua AngSheldon AuRudransh BadgujarRachelle InkiriwangJake JacobsTanvir Singh GhumanCreditDaniel LiNam Tran7th KyuArchie BerrymanCreditEthan Chew6th KyuLachlan JacksonSamuel JacksonMark SkaifeCreditKentaro OkabeYujiro Okabe5th KyuIsaac CongolioElsa

Children's class that focuses on building a child’s focus, discipline and fitness. The class runs for 1 hour. Classes usually start with activities that get your child moving. Then the kids learn and practice a variety of different falls (ukemi).

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Monday – Friday:
01:30pm – 08:30pm

Saturday – Sunday:
10:00am – 03:00pm

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