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Hi I'm Bruce, the resident dojo Scotsman and PT.

Fulori Sensei asked me to explain a bit about what I've been doing in my fitness sessions. Heres some of the reason why I plan my fitness class the way I do.

The circuits are based on the HIIT style of training. (High intensity interval training) and finish with some core strengthening exercise.
For HIIT training you need to give as close to 100% in the work phase to get the full benefits, so make sure you are pushing yourself each time. But remember, it's not about keeping up with the person next to you, it's about doing your best, working to your level, whatever that may be.

I try to design the exercises as close to aikido movements as I can with one or two extras just to help get the heart rate too!

The reason for this is that there is a lot of research proving HIIT gives the greatest benefits in the shortest time.

Benefits of HIIT:

  • Improves fitness quicker and is similar to the short bursts needed for Aiki
  • Boosts metabolism (Chemical process that occurs to convert food and air into energy for the body)
  • Shorter workouts mean you're less likely to get injured

Like I said I'm picking movements and excersizes that are similar to aikido movements to help improve our aikido fitness. The workouts are designed to help you improve your fitness, but will also help you keep better form in your ukemi (falling), get up quicker in jiyuwaza and improve your core strenght. All good things for your Aikido

It's also really important that people to know if something is hurting in one of the exercises then they should let me or one of their instructors know. We can always modify or change the exercise to suit your body's needs. There's no shame in not being able to do something; the idea is to get fit for aikido not broken!

I would also love to get more feedback on likes and dislikes! I plan to change the it up a bit each week so if there is something you love (or maybe hate) be sure to let me know. If you don't see me at the dojo, just get in touch on facebook by messaging me here or make a comment on one of the videos.

Keep up the good work guys, don't forget to log your results to the Backfall challenge each week and share how you're going on Facebook.