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These are guidelines that Aikido Shudokan have implemented to ensure everyone's safety during training at the dojo. If you have any concerns about training, please get in touch with an instructor or member of staff.

Please be aware that as restrictions change, the guidelines will change also so please re-visit this page regularly.

All Students

  • Book in for classes
  • Keep physical distance
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Stay home if feeling unwell
  • Check temperature and sanitise hands before class
  • Wash or sanitise hands after class
  • Bring own water bottle filled with water
  • Arrive 5 minutes before class so all checks can be completed. Late students will not be allowed to participate in class.

Children & Parents

  • Aim to drop children off at the dojo rather than park and walk in
  • Children to arrive in dogi
  • To select their own training partner and train with them for the month
  • Parents will not be able to watch the class from the side of the mats
  • Parents can stay in lounge area, maintaining physical distance


  • Arrive in dogi, where possible


  • Arrive in dogi, where possible
  • Have own bokken with name on it
  • Bokken can be stored on wall racks or storage space off the mats
  • No-one is to touch anyone else's bokken
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