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The Shudokan family is continuing to grow internationally and we have a new addition, Declan Lestat Sensei, from the United States, to whom we would like to extend a warm welcome.

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Declan Lestat Sensei has been studying martial arts for over 30 years and teaching for 25. He holds Black Belt grades and coaching qualifications in 6 styles of martial art ranging from Chinese Kung Fu to Kickboxing, and naturally Aikido.

For several years he taught Aikido full time at a prestigious academy in his native UK, where he specialized in teaching children. Declan Sensei is passionate that the benefits of Aikido should be available to everyone, and ensures that classes are safe but challenging, and filled with humour and plenty of individual attention.

Declan Sensei is a hypnotherapist and an experienced motivational speaker, spreading the message about the benefits of a "budo mindset".

For more information about Declan Sensei's dojo, please visit

We look forward to having him on board with his wealth of knowledge and experience, and supporting him in his Aikido journey.

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