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Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Aikido Shudokan 36th Anniversary Demonstration on Saturday 30th April!

It was an exceptionally spirited day with everyone displaying very sharp Aikido and thank you to everyone for supporting us for the biggest event on the Shudokan calendar.

The awards presented for the 36th Anniversary Demonstration were to:

Kihon Waza Competition

Runners Up

Fabien Marie and Jerome Marie


Kevin Sein Tu and Erin Johnston

Special Achievement Award

Tanto Soho

Akiko Rice, Marko Mitrovic, Rory Macallister, Erin Johnston

Kihon Dosa Rensoku and Kanrenwaza

Marvin Oka, Zach Hannan, James Millane, Anthony Murphy

Jiyuwaza Competition

Runners Up

Rodney McLeod and Mandy Yap


Marko Mitrovic and Rory Macallister

Junior Student of the Year

Albury Dojo - Ethan Read

Williamstown Dojo - Filip Todoroski

Springvale Dojo - Jamie Corral

Heidelberg Dojo - Henry Wallace

Student of the Year

Fitzroy Dojo - Lia Roccoberton

Albury Dojo - Mathew Shields

Williamstown Dojo - Rebecca Gosling

Springvale Dojo - Marko Mitrovic

Heidelberg Dojo - Mandy Yap

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