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Unfortunately, due to the increased restrictions coming into effect on Wednesday 8th July 11:59pm, we will be cancelling all our In-Dojo Classes from Thursday. All classes will run as scheduled today.

As you may be aware, the COVID-19 situation in Victoria has changed a lot since we announced the re-opening of the dojo last Thursday.

These are guidelines that Aikido Shudokan have implemented to ensure everyone's safety during training at the dojo. If you have any concerns about training, please get in touch with an instructor or member of staff.

We're re-opening classes for adults and children at both Heidelberg and Springvale dojos! There will be lots of safety measures in place so come on down and get back on the mats.

Due to the very high levels of air pollution, in the interest of your health and safety, please note the classes at Heidelberg and Springvale have been cancelled today. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

What a day it was on Sunday! We had over 160 participants shine through their demonstrations with the intense work of the past four weeks paying off.

The Aikido Shudokan Syllabi for 3rd - 1st Kyu, Shodan and Yudan for 2019 are now available for download.

The Aikido Shudokan Syllabi for 3rd - 1st Kyu, Shodan and Yudan for 2018 are now available for download.

Inoue Kyoichi Hanshi, recently passed away on 23rd December 2017, was a 10th Dan Aikido master and a model gentleman.

The Shudokan E-Mag 2017 has been released for your viewing pleasure after much toil from the editors, Kelly Van and Huyen Trinh, gathering articles from all around the world.

The Shudokan family is continuing to grow internationally and we have a new addition, Declan Lestat Sensei, from the United States, to whom we would like to extend a warm welcome.

We had a great 4 days at the dojo over the July school holidays. It was great to have new Springvale instructor Adrian on board and running the days as he brought lots of new ideas and fun ping pong ball inspired games to the days. He definitely had a good night sleep after each day too.

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