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Congratulations to all who graded on 23rd February 2019 at the Heidelberg dojo and Springvale dojo. The following students have been promoted:

 Heidelberg Dojo

8th Kyu

Maryanne Li*


7th Kyu

Michael Vukovic

Stephanie Mendis

Dallas McKenzie


 6th Kyu

Thy Tran


5th Kyu

Michelle Kuo*


4th Kyu

Emi Goda


 Springvale Dojo

8th Kyu

Thomas Waltrich


7th Kyu

James Hill

Sam Foley

Abdulkadir Ahmed


Tested by:

Enrica Cheung Sensei

Akiko Rice Sensei

Rodney McLeod Sensei

Adam Hoddinott Sensei


* Tested on alternate date

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