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Congratulations to all who graded on 23rd December 2017 at the Heidelberg dojo. The following students have been promoted:

7th Kyu

James Booth

Adam Console

Diana So

Ben Smith


6th Kyu

Ethan Ma

Jacob Elia

5th Kyu

Dorothea Lam

Henry Wallace

Shyam Subramaniam*

4th Kyu

Tu Cam Le

Taiga Blake

Lena Lee*

Greg Hsiao

Lucas Shields

Isabella Goodall

Dalton Chew


3rd Kyu

Liem Tran

Lindsay Ott

Kaito von Fischer

Maggie Truong

Yanni Kontos

Emily Soa*

2nd Kyu

Quynh-Anh Duong

Luke Santilli

Huyen Trinh

Kelly Van

Rebecca Kidd

Kim Dellavedova

Ivy Hsieh

Patrick d'Argent

Jude Maher

1st Kyu

Sean Dunne

Allison Brown

Anthony Olsen

Joanne Sullivan



Adam Hoddinott

Robert Rosa



Samuel Brown

Tested by:

Joe Thambu Sensei

Enrica Cheung Sensei

Martin Rice Sensei

Fulori Smith Sensei

Akiko Rice Sensei

Luke Cannard Sensei

*Tested alternate day

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