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Test results from the test held at the Heidelberg dojo on 24th of June 2017. Congratulations to those who passed their test! Osu!


Results of the Test Held at

Heidelberg Dojo on

24th June 2017

The following students have been promoted:

7th Kyu

Lena Lee

Benjamin Foo

Greg Hsiao

Tu Cam Le

Shyam Subramaniam

Johnny Lai

Jack Dan Blake*

6th Kyu

Jason Ng

David Nayagam

5th Kyu

Darian Sardari

Taiga Blake*

5th Kyu

Darian Sardari

Taiga Blake*

4th Kyu

Huyen Trinh

Kelly Van

Maggie Truong

Kaito Von Fischer

Yanni Kontos

Lindsay Ott

Tested By:

Enrica Cheung Sensei

Bart Lea Sensei

Marvin Oka Sensei

*Tested alternate day

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