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Results of Adult's Test

Held on the 27th February 2010, congratulations to all those who tested - Osu.

8th Kyu

  • Marvin Oka
  • Jone Jonosk
  • iClarke David
  • Mira Schaefer

7th Kyu

  • Adam Hoddinott

6th Kyu

  • Adrian Aw
  • Aaron Cananzi
  • Mark Cananzi
  • Damian Poustie
  • Popi Mavromatis
  • Gabriwl Whiting-Reilly

5th Kyu

  • Ken Wong
  • Jeevanesh Mudaliar

4th Kyu

  • Max Clark*
Tested By:
  • Sensei Enrica Cheung
  • Sensei Cristian Lopez
  • *Tested alternate day
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