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Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading. Much hard work and effort went in to preparing. Well done! Osu!

The following students have been promoted:

6th Kyu

Aaron Soa

Luke Santilli

Rebecca Kidd

Kelly Van

Jude Maher

Emily Soa

Huyen Trinh

Quynh Duong

Milly Chen

Maggie Truong

Hiruni Sirimanne

Yuko Ito

Yanni Kontos

5th Kyu

Liem Tran

Eric Nguyen-Truong

Dylan Tran-Ngo

Roland Tran-Ngo

Lindsay Ott

4th Kyu

Sean Dunne

Kim Dellavedova

Julia Zhevelyuk

3rd Kyu

Ivy Hsieh


Erin Jonhston

Akira von Fischer

Steve Emmett

Raj Ramasamy

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