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A bumper edition of the Aikido Shudokan E-Mag for 2018 is hot off the press! Thank you to the editors Kelly Van and Rebecca Kidd for putting together the articles and painstakingly formatting the magazine for your viewing pleasure.

This year's e-mag features reflections from a number of our younger students training in adults classes, as well as older students in adults classes and the combination of generations training at the Shudokan. The number of articles from all around the world including the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Belgium and Canada really shows just what an inclusive and international organisation Aikido Shudokan, and now, Aikido Shudokan International are.

Enjoy some light and enjoyable reading over your break with this edition of the e-mag. Stay safe and see you all at training soon!



Aikido Shudokan e Mag 2018 cover

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