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We've got 2 exciting new classes running at the Heidelberg dojo.

On Monday nights from 7:35-8:15 we've now got AikiFit: Fitness and Self Defence. This class is a fast paced class involving high intensity interval training (HIIT) and quick effective self defence techniques.

Also new to the timetable is our Ukemi Masterclass sessions running on Thursdays from 7:35-8:00. These are focussed sessions on working on skills and drills to improve ukemi (falling) and even more importantly uke (recieving the technique). To be a good uke you need to be balanced, light on your feet, agile, fast and most importantly sensitive and relaxed. Working on these traits will improve your overall technique as well as just how you fall as these are all important requirements for any good Aikidoka.


See you on the Mats in one of our new sessions soon!


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