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Struggling to get back into it after the holidays? Looking to boost your fitness or take your training up a level? Or just looking for a goal or challenge to help you achieve? Then this is for you.



Our first fitness challenge for the year is the 'Backfall Bonanza": how many backfalls can you do in two minutes.

What's Involved?

1) Time yourself for two minutes and see how many backfalls you can do.

2) Participate in Bruces after class fitness sessions at Heidelberg on Mondays (don't worry if you miss this, we will post them on Facebook so no one misses out

3) Repeat Bruce's workout of the week on your own time, after class. Bruce recommends 3 times a week if you can

4) Come back next week and time yourself again.

5) Repeat for 4 weeks


Now don't forget, this isn't a competition, it's about personal improvement and progress. If you can only manage 20 backfalls the first week, then 25 by week 4 you've still improved, and if you've been following along with Bruces sessions your fitness will definetly have improved. All Bruces sessions are based on working to a time limit, not getting to a certain number of repetitions. This means that people of all fitness levels can join in, if you're finding it hard you can slow things down and if your young and full of energy you can fit in a few more excersizes into the time limit. 

Don't forget to post your results on the Facebook page and share how you're going at





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