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As a woman, have you ever felt unsafe walking down a street? Do you worry about intruders coming into your home? Or are you anxious about pushy unwanted male attention?

These are all very valid feelings to have, as we have seen in the media recently concerning violence against women.

  • One in three Australian women has experienced physical violence, since the age of 15 years old1
  • One in five Australian women has experienced sexual violence1
  • Eight out of ten women aged 18 - 24 yearsold were harassed in the street in the past year2
  • Young women, 18 - 24 years old, experiecnce significantly higher rates of physical and sexual violence than women in older age groups3
Learn to feel more more safe and confident! 
Women's Self-Defence Workshop - 30th September 2018

Womens Self Defence

Aikido Shudokan is running a women's self defence workshop to help women gain some knowledge and skills when faced with violent situations.

  • Learn to avoid and neutralise threatening and violent situations with simple yet effective techniques and mindset training
  • Empower yourself with effective self-defence techniques based on ancient Japanese theory, where size does not matter
  • Learn from top female martial artists in Australia who are super supportive and ready to foster your learning
  • Train with other women in a fun friendly environment that is above all safe and judgement free

Sunday 30th September

10am - 3pm

43 Crissane Road, Heidelberg West


Limited places are available so book today!

 Womens Self Defence


womens self defence 03

1. Cox, P. (2015) Violence against women: Additional analysis of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Personal Safety Survey 2012, Horizons Research Report, Issue 1, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS), Sydney; and Woodlock, D., Healey, L., Howe, K., McGuire, M., Geddes, V. and Granek, S. (2014).

2. Johnson, M. and Bennett, E. (2015) Everyday sexism: Australian women’s experiences of street harassment, The Australia Institute, Canberra.
3. ABS (2013) see note 4. In the 2012 Personal Safety Survey, 13% of women in this age group reported having experienced violence by a man in the last 12 months. This was the highest proportion of any age group. 

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