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Saturday 7th July

Springvale Dojo, 3/52 Smith Road, Springvale

All participants must be on the mats and in your dogi ready for a 2:30pm draw.

The competition starts at 3pm and there will be a party afterwards, so please bring some nibbles and drinks to share.



To improve the level of Jiyuwaza and therefore all aspects of Aikido practice. Specifically:

  • Technique
  • Stamina
  • Speed
  • Reflex
  • Uke and Ukemi

Guidelines for the competition

  1. There will be separate categories for Kyu grades, Dan grades and Juniors. The Kyu grade section will be from 5th Kyu upwards. The Dan grade section will be open to Sandan and below.
  2. Competitors must register for the competition no later than the 17th of July. Forms are available at the dojo or downloaded below.
  3. It will be run as a knockout tournament, where you will have to win to proceed to the next round.
  4. Each bout will consist of two halves, each half being 40 seconds with a 10 second break. Competitors will take turns as Shite and Uke and change roles for the next half.
  5. The scoring/judging will be done by two judges and a referee. The referee will have total control of the bout and will be solely responsible for ensuring that all rules are complied with. Both judges and the referee will have equal vote in deciding the winner. Decisions of the judges and referees will be final.


Points will be awarded for:

  • Kamae
  • Zanshin
  • Flow of technique
  • Variety of technique 
  • Speed
  • Ability to deal with varied attacks.
  • Stamina
  • Strong Spirit
  • Kiai


Points will be awarded for:

  • Proper and sharp ukemi
  • Clean and speedy attacks
  • Following shite and not resisting techniques.
  • Speed 
  • Stamina
  • Strong spirit
  • Kiai

Kyu Section

Round1: Shomen Uchi/Shomen Tsuki 

Repechage: Shomen Uchi/Shomen Tsuki 

Round 2: Ryote Mochi/Katate Mochi/Katate Aya Mochi

Round 3: Kata Mochi/Mune Mochi/Hiji Mochi (with one or both hands)

Round 4: Tanto- Shomen Uchi/Yokomen Uchi/Shomen Tsuki

All attacks can be done with either hand.


Dan Section

Round 1: Shomen Uchi/Yokomen Uchi/Shomen Tsuki

Repechage: Shomen Uchi/Yokomen Uchi/Shomen Tsuki

Round 2: Zenmen Zukami (any frontal hand or dogi grab with either or both hands)

Round 3: Ushiro (hojo dosa, right side only) Eri/Katate/Ryote /Katate Eri/Ryo Hiji/Ryo Kata

Round 4: Tanto- Shomen Uchi/Yokomen Uchi/ Shomen Tsuki

All attacks can be done with either hand except the set up for Ushiro Jiyuwaza.


Round 1: Shomen Tsuki

Repechage: Shomen Tsuki (right side only)

Round 2: Ryote Mochi

Round 3: Katate Aya Mochi (right and left)

Round 4: Shomen Uchi / Shomen Tsuki (right and left)


Shite will be cautioned for using undue force and if persists will be disqualified. If the Referee deems appropriate, instant disqualification could be applied without a caution.

Uke will be cautioned if attacks are not clean or if the uke resists techniques. 

Every caution will have adverse implications on overall scores.

This competition was originally devised by Inoue Sensei when he was teaching for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

In my mind competition is only bad if it brings out petty rivalry and selfishness in people. If on the other hand we can help our fellow competitor improve and excel, sharing knowledge and experience then this competition can only be a good thing. 

Remember that the true benefit of this competition is in the training for the competition, the execution of good technique under pressure and the lift in standards that will surely follow.  

With everyone's help, participation and involvement, we can definitely make this a success.


Joe Thambu 8th Dan

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