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On 28th January the Springvale dojo was full of teens and the Advanced class children for a day of training, activities and fun. It was great to see the older ones taking on leadership rolls and inspiring those that are yet to join the adults class.

One of the strengths of the Shudokan is the community around the dojo, and it was great to see young people from both dojo training and working together over the day. Joe Sensei taught the Aikido, and our resident Drama expert Marty Rice Sensei took a session which focussed on teamwork and communication, taking everyone out of their comfort zone with a bit of mime, as well as other activities which all related back to Aikido, learning to co-operate and working together as a dojo and community. Being 35 degrees, finishing off at the beach was well deserved by all.


Thank you to everyone who helped out to make the day possible.



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