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Joe Thambu Sensei, 8th Dan, has been invited to teach in Moscow, Russia and Bytom, Poland in November and December 2018. This is a great opportunity for you to experience some great Aikido and learn from one of the best Aikido instructors in the world!

During the School holidays at Heidleberg childrens classes will run on Wednesdays and Saturdays. At Springvale the childrens classes will run on Thursdays and Saturdays. Regular classes will recommence on Monday 16th July. There will also be two School Holiday program days.

Congratulations to all who passed their gradings. Both Heidelberg and Springvale tests were of a very high standard, and the instructors were very proud.

Saturday 7th July

Springvale Dojo, 3/52 Smith Road, Springvale

All participants must be on the mats and in your dogi ready for a 2:30pm draw.

Congratulations to all who graded on 16th June 2018 at the Heidelberg and Springvale dojos. The following students have been promoted:

There will be a special day for all teens and students who train in the advanded classes at Springvale and Heidelberg. 

This day will be focused on preparation for the upcoming jiyuwaza competition to be held on 7th July. It will be followed by a pizza and movie night.

Due to the children's gradings on 23rd June there will be no kids classes on this day. Grading times are as below. Please make sure all booklets and forms are handed in one week before the grading. 

Joe Thambu Shuseki Shihan will be teaching weekend seminars in Belgium and Germany in October and November. Experience his dynamic style of Aikido and be taught by one of the world's best Aikido instructors.

Live, breathe and eat Aikido whilst enjoying the amazing hospitality and culture of our Shudokan instructors and students in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The following students have been promoted for the test held at the Albury Dojo on 31st May 2018. Congratulations to all who tested! Osu!

On Friday 18th May there will be a special class for all Black Belts. Because of this class there will be no adults training at 6:30 and the Friday Fast and Furious Class will be rescheduled to 5:00. 

We've got 2 exciting new classes running at the Heidelberg dojo.

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