Dojo Reopen Friday 29th of October

The Victorian Government recently announced a further easing of restrictions from 6pm this Friday 29th October. This means that for the Dojo, we can welcome students back to the mats and get back to classes. The first class back will be the Adult’s 6:30pm class at Heidelberg Dojo this Friday 29th October.  
The government has mandated that for attendance, those who are eligible to be vaccinated be vaccinated. 
In line with this, we require that all students who are eligible to be vaccinated (16 years and older) must be vaccinated before attending the Dojo.
Our schedule will be updated on the Zenplanner app and on the student portal. You will need to reserve your place in the class as before and check-in using the Services Victoria app on arrival. 
How will I prove my vaccination status?
We are offering you two options: 
  • Email us your vaccination certificate to keep on file, so if you don’t have time to check in before each attendance at least we have your vaccination status on record
  • Arrive early before your first class back with a copy of your vaccination certificate (either digital or physical) so that a staff member can sight the certificate and mark your vaccination status on record
Please get in contact with if you are in the process of getting your vaccine doses and you have questions.
What are the number restrictions?
Whilst we are allowed 1 person per 4 square meters, the Dojo will be continuing our number restriction of 30 people per class. This makes it super important for you to reserve your spot in the class to avoid missing out.
My membership was placed on hold, what’s going to happen now?
If you requested a suspension on your membership, that suspension will lift from this Friday 29 October unless you give us prior notice. You can notify us by emailing or
If you previously held a TERM MEMBERSHIP and requested a suspension, Quynh will be getting in touch with you shortly to outline how your fees will work. Please be patient as we all work hard to get things ready for everyone to come back to training.
I was on a Term Membership before and I didn’t suspend. What’s happening with Term 4?
With the uncertain situation, we’ve decided to suspend our Term Membership option for the remainder of 2021. Please get in touch with Quynh ASAP via if you have any questions or things you would like to discuss about this. These memberships will not be on auto-pay unless you have consented to auto-pay for your Term Membership. Please contact Quynh before Friday if you want to turn auto-pay on or off.
I didn’t get to do my grading! What’s going to happen?
As we mentioned before the lockdown, we will try to get everyone who was eligible to test before the lockdown tested. This means you will need to chat with the instructor after the class so they can make sure you are ready to pass your test, and then organise a test date. Lena and Quynh will be sorting out who has paid for the test and who has enrolled in it, so please be patient with us as we follow up on that. 
As a parent, will I be able to stay in the Dojo while my child trains?
The government has allowed for attendance at venues if you are vaccinated. This means as long as you comply with our vaccination certificate requirements outlined above, you will be permitted to stay (assuming we have not reached our numbers’ cap).
Hope you and your family are doing well and looking forward to seeing you back at the Dojo. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.