• Learn practical skills and improve your fitness in a safe, fun and friendly environment. Next course begins soon in Springvale on Tuesday 12th July so register today!

  • Melbourne Budo Academy will be hosting Sensei Joe for a seminar on 6th February. All students welcome to attend

  • The Shudokan E-Mag 2017 has been released for your viewing pleasure after much toil from the editors, Kelly Van and Huyen Trinh, gathering articles from all around the world.

  • On 17th February Joe Sensei will be conducting a special advanced class open to Shodan and above. Due to this special training session there will be no classes at Springvale and only 10:30 Childrens class and 12:00 Adults class at Heidelberg.

  • Grading Results from the Junior test held at the Springvale dojo. Congratulations to everyone who tested

  • Results from the Junior gradings held at Springvale dojo on 10th December 2016

  • Joe Thambu Shuseki Shihan has been invited by Ondra Musil Shihan of Bushukan, to teach at a Summer School in Jizierka, Czech Republic, from 13th - 21st July 2019.

  • On 28th January the Springvale dojo was full of teens and the Advanced class children for a day of training, activities and fun. It was great to see the older ones taking on leadership rolls and inspiring those that are yet to join the adults class.

  • This Seminar with Washizu Sensei is fast approaching. It's his first trip to Australia, so make sure you don't miss it. All the details here.

  • Results of Senior Test

    Held on the 14th March 2009, congratulations to all those who tested - Osu.

  • Results of Senior Test

    Held on the 23rd May 2009, congratulations to all those who tested - Osu.

  • The Aikido Shudokan was the first Yoshinkan style dojo in Australia, founded by Joe Thambu Shihan in 1980, and has schools in Heidelberg West, Springvale, Fitzroy, Williamstown and Albury, teaching men, women and children.
    The style of Aikido is a dynamic and self-defence effective system of throwing, joint-locks, strikes and pinning techniques. It emphasises practical efficiency and is the style used to train women and anti-riot teams of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. There are no tournaments and it is not classed as a sport. 
  • Have you ever wanted to give martial arts a go? Do you want to have a way of getting fit whilst learning useful skills such as discipline, focus and self-defence? Do Aikido with us for two weeks in Heidelberg or Springvale and you will see why we stay for years!

  • Here is a run down of all the important upcoming dates, all in one place. Get your diary out and have a look