Childrens Test Results – 5th August 2021

Congratulations to all the students from Springvale dojos who graded on 5th August 2021. Special thanks to all the instructors and parents who made this last minute change possible.  The following students have been promoted:


8th Kyu

  • Dylan Aw
  • Elsa Lim
  • Zephyro Harpantidis
  • Finn Luu

7th Kyu

  • Kaelyn Remo
  • Zara Remo
  • Marina Southammavong

6th Kyu

  • Liam Ludwig

5th Kyu

  • Riley Aw
  • Jacob Strelnikov

4th Kyu

  • Jordan Ly

3rd Kyu

  • Tessa Duong

2nd Kyu

  • Benjamin Ky

1st Kyu

  • Jayden Ludwig
  • Vinh Lam


  • Ethan Aw
  • Tyler Chau


  • Mikaela Marsh
  • Phoebe Caputo
  • Eric Strelnikov
  • Valentina Caputo

Tested by:

  • Adrian Marsh Sensei
  • Quynh Duong Sensei
  • Adrian Aw Sensei