Beyond Submission with Paul Cale Sensei: Wristlocks for BJJ

Join BJJ instructor, former Special Forces Sergeant and walking wrist-lock encyclopaedia Paul Cale for two hours of eye-opening, expert grappling instruction.

Fast, effective and subtle, wrist locks are a secret weapon for grapplers who know them well. But few do. Adding them to your arsenal will pave the way to faster and more frequent submissions.

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to create and capture opportunities to effect this stealth weapon from multiple angles in all key positions. Better still, you’ll experience and discover how the locks work standing — assisted by a world-renowned instructor of ‘hard style’ aikido, Joe Thambu Shihan. You’ll then learn how to apply those principles for devastating effect on the ground.

And if sport jiu-jitsu isn’t your game, these techniques are equally applicable to self-defence. Whether your adversary favours striking or grappling, destroying the wrist nullifies their primary human weapon and tool: the hand. It’s akin to defanging the snake, and can be done in more ways than one using the same principles.

About your instructors:

With 40 years of martial arts training and instruction behind him, Paul Cale has earned black belts in eight martial arts. This includes BJJ (under Jean Jacques Machado), judo, Kyokushin karate and three different aikido/aiki-jujutsu systems. He has even taught BJJ in war zones, where he used it as a skill-enhancement program for fellow Special Forces soldiers who were also training in his Kinetic Fighting method of close-quarter combat. His battlefield experience as a Commando is what led Cale to focus his training only on what works. This and his extensive experience in both striking and grappling arts gives him a unique perspective on BJJ training and application.

Joining Prof. Cale is one of his revered instructors, aikido master Joe Thambu Shihan, 8th Dan. Respected world-wide for his teaching in the ‘hard’ style of aikido, Yoshinkan, Thambu Shihan is a life-long budoka. Born into an aikido family, he has studied under the likes of Yoshinkan founder Gozo Shioda Soke, aka ‘The Little Giant’ of aikido, and the West’s most revered pioneer of budo, former US Marine Dr Donn Draeger. Thambu is also sought after as an instructor of control-and-restraint methods for security personnel, having ‘worked the doors’ himself for many years.

Together, these two well-studied and deeply experienced martial artists will give you a set of proven submission tools to enhance your strategies for both mat and street.

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