Master’s journey in martial arts began with his study of Jujutsu under the tutelage of Walter De Silva in the post-World War 2 years in Malaysia. His strong desire to learn more, saw him visit Japan many times in the 1950s to train Judo and eventually Yoshinkan Aikido.

As the first Malaysian to be awarded Dan rankings in Judo and Aikido, his Dojo, the Shudokan Insitute of Aikido, affectionately known as the The Shudokan, was established in the 1961 and became the birthplace of the Shudokan schools worldwide.

The Shudokan has been a stopover point for many martial artist over the years. Notable martial arts personalities, such as Ichijima Hariyoshi Sensei, Shimizu Takaji Sensei,

Donn F. Draeger Sensei and Yagi Sensei to name a few, have graced the training halls of his Dojo.

Master was a remarkable man, a man of great vision, strength and principle but most of all; he was a teacher, who changed so many lives through his unquestioned example and his gift of Aikido to us all. He devoted his life to the discipline of martial arts, and to grow and foster the study of martial arts as more than a hobby or passion, but as a way of living life to its fullest.

Master lived a life that embodies Budo in every aspect. A simple man and also a man of few words, Master was also a very compassionate person. Master’s Dojo was open to anyone. Everyone was welcome to train, and in the Dojo, everyone was equal.

Master’s passing marks the end of an era. His teachings however, continue to live on through his instructors and students. The Shudokan torch he lit over 60 years ago will continue to burn brightly for many more years to come because we stood on the shoulders of a true Budoka and a Titan.