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We had very successful junior gradings at both the Springvale and Heidelberg dojos on 24th July 2017. In total we had 70 children test from the Heidelberg and Springvale dojo, including a whopping 27 white belts. It was great to see such confident and competent white belts ace their first grading. A special mention must go out to all the blue belts at Heidelberg, who did one of the highest quality gradings to date. It was such a pleasure to see them train so hard, hone their techniques, focus on improving and then put it all together on the day to exceptional results. 
Gradings are an important part of martial arts training, especially Aikido as we do not have sparring or competitions. Gradings help us work towards a goal, train for an event and put in extra effort to improve our level. They also help us to learn how to deal with pressure and stress. 
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