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The Aikido Shudokan syllabi for 2017 is available for download below.

Download this file (8th-4th-Kyu-Syllabus.pdf)8th-4th-Kyu-Syllabus.pdf[Aikido Shudokan 8th - 4th Kyu Syllabus]57 kB
Download this file (Shodan Syllabus 2017.pdf)Shodan Syllabus 2017.pdf[Aikido Shudokan Shodan Syllabus 2017]436 kB
Download this file (Yudan Syllabus 2017.pdf)Yudan Syllabus 2017.pdf[Aikido Shudokan Yudan Syllabus 2017]428 kB

Our School Holiday Schedule for kids' classes will take effect on Monday 3rd April. Class times will be as follows:

Grading times for this Saturday, 25th Feb. No adults classes (Kids as normal)

The Aikido Shudokan Test Syllabi for 2017 are now available for download. There are no changes to the structure of the test but only changes for the kitei waza on the 3rd-1st Kyu syllabus, Shodan syllabus and Yudan syllabus.

Check out the times for this Saturday's all levels test at the Heidelberg dojo.

Times for the Children's gradings at Springvale and Heidelberg & and all the info you need for the school holidays

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Learn practical skills and improve your fitness in a safe, fun and friendly environment. Next course begins soon in Springvale on Tuesday 12th July so register today!

18th June Children's Grading Times and School holiday Schedule

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