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The Aikido Shudokan syllabi for 2017 is available for download below.

Download this file (8th-4th-Kyu-Syllabus.pdf)8th-4th-Kyu-Syllabus.pdf[Aikido Shudokan 8th - 4th Kyu Syllabus]57 kB
Download this file (Shodan Syllabus 2017.pdf)Shodan Syllabus 2017.pdf[Aikido Shudokan Shodan Syllabus 2017]436 kB
Download this file (Yudan Syllabus 2017.pdf)Yudan Syllabus 2017.pdf[Aikido Shudokan Yudan Syllabus 2017]428 kB

Congratulations are in order for everyone who took part in and helped with the 37th Anniversary demonstration. Not only was some absolutely top notch aikido on display but the collective spirit of the dojo really shone through and made the day truly special

Our School Holiday Schedule for kids' classes will take effect on Monday 3rd April. Class times will be as follows:

This April, Aikido Shudokan is fortunate enough to be hosting 10th Dan Inoue Kyoichi Kancho. Inoue Kancho is the only living 10th Dan in Yoshinkan aikido and an opportunity to learn from him is not to be missed!

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The largest event on the Aikido Shudokan calendar, being held on 26th March 2017, is fast approaching and training for it is well under way! The dojo has been established for 37 years and the demonstration has been run every year for 30 years straight, which is no mean feat.

Grading times for this Saturday, 25th Feb. No adults classes (Kids as normal)

The Aikido Shudokan Test Syllabi for 2017 are now available for download. There are no changes to the structure of the test but only changes for the kitei waza on the 3rd-1st Kyu syllabus, Shodan syllabus and Yudan syllabus.

This is a special 4-week Aikido beginners course specially designed to give students a taste of all the different aspects of Aikido, from basic movements, learning to fall safely, applying basic techniques and learning self defence. The course gives you an easy way to get on the mats and try out Aikido.

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading. Much hard work and effort went in to preparing. Well done! Osu!

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