Adults & Teens

It's very easy to enrol with us.

It's very easy to enrol to study with us.
  • Orientation Come in and have a chat and watch a class. No obligations, no cost,  just a great way to find out more.
  • Two-Week Trial Come to as many classes as you like for 2 weeks, wear trackpants and a teeshirt, starting one on one or in a small group with an instructor and build up to join the rest of the class. Make sure you book in so we know you are coming. 
  • Beginners Course Special courses run a few times a year. A four-week course with two classes a week. Check our website for upcoming dates and to book. You don't have to wait for one of these to start training though, jump in for a Two-Week Trial if there isn't one coming up soon.
  • Starter Package 3 months of unlimited training, instructional DVD and uniform all in one. You can jump straight in with this package and we will book you in for your first few classes so you'll be working one on one or in a small group with an instructor. You can also do a 2-week trial or beginners course and then go for the starter pack when your trial period or course finishes.
For all class times and locations details please see our Training Centres.

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